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Summary of experience

I have been working professionally as a software engineer for around 8 years. For around 6 years, I have been dealing with data and ML using Python/SQL stacks.

Currently, I am working towards improving data quality, observability and security for my company.

I have worked with a product which was using Snowflake data warehouse and AWS services. Implemented the warehouse, integrated for data ingestion and used it for productionizing ML models. Did the whole design, did almost 90% of the implementation. Have also done an implementation for a different part of the system using Apache Spark for ML.

I have experience on JVM ecosystem (microservices, APIs, server to server). I am used to interact with data scientists for their requirements like ad-hoc data requests, setting & manage BI tools like Apache Superset for their use and productionizing ML models.

I have experience working remotely since late 2017. Since 2015 I have worked with geographically & time zone distributed teams. Worked in Agile mode for 5+ years. Worked in team containing front end, back end, QA, product and UX directly interacting with all.


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